Residential Pest Control

Extensive Pest Coverage:

Ants, mice, wasps, spiders, box elders, earwigs, pill bugs, meal moths, grubs, voles, gophers, silverfish, bed bugs and much more!

Services are done on a quarterly basis year-round. Included is a winterization service that keeps the pests from seeking shelter in your walls or near your home. All quarterly services are guaranteed with complimentary re-treatments should pests decide they need to return!

Fertilization/Weed Control:

We offer golf course quality lawn fertilizer and weed control products to make your lawn lush and green! Servicing 4-5 times between spring and fall keeps your lawn thick, green, and weed free!

Tree and Shrub Protection:

We use dormant oil in the spring to help protect against pests that love to eat the newly forming leaves. We treat and feed your shrubs and trees to keep them healthy and pest free throughout the blooming months.

Bed Bugs:

Beg Bugs can be a real problem and they do not discriminate. They will infest any home any time. They cause allergies to become more prevalent and leave nasty bites that can become infected. Treating bed bugs is just as much about the product as it is the method.

Do not wait to call us, rather make us your first call. Our rates have always been a little more reasonable than our competitors and we have not disappointed in the results!

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